Divinity and Infinity

6th July 19.00 until 8th July 16.00 2018

Aquarian Development for Teachers. Open to qualified teachers level 1 and above.

A weekend of development for teachers who would like to grow courage, strength and conviction in their classes and delivery.

Finding the reasons that stop you moving forward and trusting your own abilities.  Discovering the true essence of who you are as a teacher and your own special strength or talent.  How can you be you and still deliver the teachings?

Only truth penetrates, only truth will stay with your students, only truth will uplift.

This weekend is designed to let you go deeply into your personal relationship with the teachings so that what you deliver comes from who you truly are rather than a recycled concept of how you think you ought to be.  Learning how to let go and BE.

Venue: Purusha, Swinton, South Yorkshire

Places limited to maximum 15, accommodation available in the house for up to 10.

Cost £270 or £250 for early registration by June 15th deposit £100

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Yogi Bhajan spent a lot of time teaching women how to re-embrace the true feminine and honour themselves.  He started that work a long time ago and I think we are now beginning to understand what his intention was and how important it is that we continue to grow in grace.

But that was also a long time ago and time has changed us and life is even more complicated than it was back then.

Also, women wear so many hats during a single day – why the need to add another in the shape of a turban?

As teachers of Kundalini Yoga we begin with such love and enthusiasm and start classes and work hard – but then we find it a struggle and we become disillusioned and we feel alone and then we get doubt.

Where do we go with all this?  How can we keep up when the students don’t keep coming through the door?  Why is that Hatha class over subscribed and you only have a handful of people?  What do you have to do to make it work?

We just had a great Teachers’ Conference which covered the areas of intention and promotion and social media etc – but there is more to it than that.

Intention cannot work if its not 100%.

So what is that part which doesn’t work for you – what is your no-no?

How can you be a real Yogi and also your true self?

Embodying the teachings takes years and years and its not for everyone and its not necessary.

Sat Nadar and I have designed a weekend workshop for female teachers to open a space where we can debate our issues, share our inspiration and out our doubt!

We will also have fun and relax at the lovely Purusha 😊

Women heal through talking, we need time and space to be together and celebrate our strength and talent – who do we want to be?  How do we shine? Delivering the Kriya is only part of it – who you are and what you give is so much more.

Consider the weekend as food for the soul, refreshment for the spirit, balm for the heart and peace for the mind……

Come and join us!

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