The Awareness Adventure

The Awareness Adventure is a personal development opportunity designed to deepen your understanding and experience of life.  The course will introduce you to ideas and concepts which will help you to understand and work with the mysteries and opportunities of life.  It will give you the tools to become fascinated rather than challenged by the way things are.  We will use universal spiritual philosophies and the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to create a new outlook on life which will be uplifting and supporting in your quest to discover your true potential.

This four weekend course builds knowledge and experience of yourself and the world and develops an attitude of expansion into new possibilities for your life.

Part 1 June 22-23 Where am I?

Part 2 July 20-21 Where have I been?

Part 3 Aug 17-18 Who am I?

Part 4 Sept 21-22 Where am I going?

Each day starts at 09.30 and ends at 17.00

Full course £1000.00

Individual weekend £275.00

Attend all four weekends and receive a £100.00 refund.

Non-refundable deposit £150.00 to secure your place by 24th May.


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